#RizeTVET Challenge

IEMSA will be hosting a three-day international summit in Cape Town, South Africa during November 2021. The summit will explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacts democracy and elections and it’s main focus will be on how AI affects democracy and electoral processes. The strategic objective of the international summit is to create a suitable platform for a dialogue with thought leaders on whether the introduction of AI strengthens or weakens electoral democracy? The summit will also give ICT companies a platform to showcase AI innovations available for electoral democracy processes.
AI, democracy and electoral processes
How AI has impacted the management of elections
Impact, use and opportunities of AI by political parties to contest elections
Impact, use and opportunities of AI for the voters
Impact, use and potential of IA by election observers group
Ethical implications of AI in electoral democracy for management of elections, voters and election observers
Impact, use and opportunities of AI for electoral processes service providers
Whether the introduction of AI in Electoral Democracy enhances or debilitates productivity

Geeks across Africa are challenged to work on a challenge related to election management and/ or democracy broadly that hackathon participants could choose to work on over the 42 hours.