#IgniteHack: 28 - 30 September 2018

What a Hackathon is: A marathon of hacking (ethically) to solve social, business and/or economical challenges. Ideally, no one goes home and everyone works non-stop to build a tech/digital solution.

The Pretoria-based youth-tech-org is hosting its annual GK Hack hackathon on Friday 27th June to Saturday 28th June and it’s inviting students and young tech professionals who are into coding to sign up.

This year’s theme is titled “Make Life Easy”, and attendees will have to build products or solutions that will make the daily lives of people a lot easier. The product or solution can fall under a wide variety of categories, including education, health, gaming, entertainment, social media, fashion, construction, transport, music, art and more.

Geekulcha will also be hosting an Ideas Workshop and mobile app development boot camps prior to the event in partnership with mLab which will help attendees learn more about how to come up with ideas, create a market for their ideas, structure and execute them and how to polish their skills before taking part in the hackathon.

“By doing this we will be adding real value to the attendees of the hackathon and it will help them to start seeing the potential business value of their idea,” says Mixo Ngoveni, founder of Geekulcha.

A maximum of four people per team will be allowed to enter and there’s only space for 60 people to take part in the hackathon

Ideas will be judges on the following criteria:

Best use of technology
Concept behind the idea and its viability
Presentation skills
Functionality and progress of the prototype
Business Model