Geekulcha Annual Hackathon

The Geekulcha Hackathon is an annual event that takes places for Africa developer ecosystem. It’s a 42 hours challenge that gathers different students under one roof so they can solves challenges using technology.

What happens at #GKHack21

  • Companies and sponsors use this opportunity to assess and identify potential talent. If they can produce in this intense, fast-paced environment, odds are they will able to produce at an elevated level at their companies. This makes hackathons an excellent way for tech companies to find talent.

  • The main idea behind this hackathon is to identify a problem and work collaboratively to create technologies that solve that problem. At the end of the hackathon, Participants find that they have one or more prototypes, which could become new products.

  • At this hackathon event, Participants will usually meet other Participants who have the same interests and skills as them. This creates the perfect environment for networking.

Theme: Hacking The Kulcha

It is a fact that we all need to adapt to new ways, build our society to be responsive to forced change.

We need a kulchural shift - GKHack21 provides that platform to Hack The Kulcha (the known kulcha) in order to help everyone adapt to change.

Code From Home

Grab a cup of coffee, put on your headsets to your favorite music, get your environment ready and let's build/design.

Use Own Tools

You have freedom to use tools of choice in developing your solution - we recommend Open Source. Stay focused.

Learn and Share

Whether working with a team or solo, be sure to learn from the Hackathon and share your knowledge with others.

Focus Areas/Challenges

Our world is upside down and hope seem to diminish in parts and groups of our normal society - we are at a point of a need to adapt. How wil technology play a partner in helping civilization pull through? #GKHack21 challenges Geeks to hack, build and enhance common cultures.

Local Geek Kulcha

Inclusive tech enablement

As Geekulcha turns 8 years old in 2021, we are challenging the Geeks to build a more inclusive Geek Culture, enable collaboration and means for mass digital emancitipation.

Healthcare Access

Efficiency in Healthcare

If anything that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us use: planning, preparation and forecasting are very key and will determine how humanity will survive. Healthcare and well-being can depend on behavioral change. How do we Hack The Kulcha?

Common Society

Digital Civilisation

A greater part of our country is still digitally divided and as such, are about able to fully participate in the Digital or Internet Economy. How do we localise, build and optimize solutions for mass consumption? Help the common society adapt better.

AI, Big Data and Democracy

Election Efficiency

Geeks across Africa are challenged to work on a challenge related to election management and/ or democracy broadly that hackathon participants could choose to work on over the 42 hours.

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RizeTVET Challenge

Capability at TVET level

The RizeTVET challenge is open to FET TVET college students to use their learned experience to buid solutions for impact.

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GKHack - Featured Stories

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By Diamond #GKHack14

Info4Africa App

AAT draws on this as a purposeful planning principle, enabling the development team to maintain a single core of regulatory business logic (read: CPA and PoPI compliant!) through a central hosted database while exposing the vital information across multiple device agnostic channels.

kululeko Ntuzi #GKHack16


Nkululeko Ntuzi created a product, called Bulatsela, uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning features to interpret surroundings.

“It helps detect objects and obstacles, creates a path and provides feedback to the blind person,”

Electro Geeks GKHack17

Smart Water Tank

Moses Mhlwana and his three friends have created a prototype of a smart water tank that saves water by enabling water users to digitally select the amount of water they need. It then releases the exact amount of water required. In cases of errors resulting in water spills‚ it would not be wasted.

Various Teams GKHack17


Act NDP" App that gives young people the ability to connect with government and youth.

Open Kasi #GKHack17

Open Kasi

OpenKasi provides accounting solution for township vendors - stock management, analytics dashboard, turnover

Moringa IoT GKHack16

Moringa IoT

They use IoT and Moringa to improve food security.

Support GKHack21

Geekulcha believes in the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child and as such, calls on the industry to support the local Geek Culture through #GKHack21.


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